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Photo sessions for bands / groups, logos and events

Michael Coy - By Crystal D. Ritenour                              copyright 2006

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Welcome to the official website: Devan Photography

Founder / Owner Crystal D. Ritenour


Devan Photography is in association with Mike’s Studio fulfilling the service to the clients of the studio of Photo sessions for album artwork or logos for the band or group.

Photo session costs can be tacked onto the bill of your recording session. Once photos and session are purchased the band or group has full rights to the photographs to use at will on logos, CD albums, DVD, Hats, shirts etc. but must give credit to the work as Devan Photography.

Bands or groups looking for a photographer or photo session that are not currently recording at Mike’s Studio. Can still contact us and set up an appointment for a photo session.


Devan Photography

10302 Groves Farm Rd

Midland, VA 22728

To contact us:

Phone: 540-788-1982